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Tell Your Local Bike Shop:

We're not buying it!

Inform them of Shimano's efforts to undermine ocean protection. Tell them that you won't be buying Shimano products anymore.

Encourage them to tell Shimano:

We're not buying it!

Marine Protection Advocates Target Shimano

September 8th, 2010

Originally posted on the California Majority Report

Shame on Shimano, a group of concerned ocean advocates, is hosting a booth at the California and the World Oceans Conference this week in San Francisco.

Former Democratic Assemblymember Lloyd Levine is helping target the campaign against the Japanese-based Shimano Corporation, which is best known as a leading manufacturer of bicycling components but also has another major division that produces fishing gear (mainly rods and reels) and has been attacking California’s Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA).

“Shimano promotes itself as an environmental steward, but when you follow the money you see that they’ve contributed to a million-dollar effort to stop the implementation of the MLPA here in California and continue to undermine efforts in other states and at the national level,” stated Levine. Read more »

We're Not Buying It

Shimano tells the cycling community it is “committed to environmental protection and preservation.” We're not buying it!

Disguised by its “greenwashing” campaign, Shimano is helping to finance a million-dollar campaign of deception aimed at preventing the protection of fragile ocean habitat off the California coast and at the federal level.

We tried to meet with Shimano. They refused. We tried to convince them to do the right thing. Now we’re saying, “Enough is enough!” The cycling community cannot continue to support an irresponsible corporation so determined to destroy California’s coastline.

Cyclists from around the country are saying, “We’re not buying it!”
It is time to show Shimano that we see through their deception and we won’t support their lies anymore!